Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Kit.

Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Kit.

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Yamaha DTX720K.

The DTX720K features all DTX-PADs for the snare, toms and floor tom in a compact configuration. With a real hi-hat controller that mounts on the included hi-hat stand, plus our 3-zone cymbals, this kit provides great feel anywhere you play. The 3-zone snare pad can be precisely positioned with the ball clamp mount, and the kit can be expanded with up to three more pads. Package Includes - Module: DTX700; Snare: XP80; Tom1, 2: XP70 x 2; Floor Tom: XP70; Crash Cymbal1, 2: PCY135; Ride Cymbal: PCY135; Hi-Hat: RHH135 + HS650A; Kick: KP100; Rack: RS502. Note Kick Pedal not included. Yamaha DTX700K Electronic Drum Kit. Featuring all DTX-PADs for snare, toms and floor tom, real hi-hat controller and 3-zone cymbals, you can build your drumming skills the more you play. The training functions of the DTX700 module will help you develop solid timing and take you to the next level. With kits and sounds for every musical situation, and 64 MB Flash-ROM for loading your own samples, this kit is ready for live performance. And with an internal performance recorder, plus 2 USB ports for storage and connecting to a computer, the DTX700K is a powerful tool for triggering samples and sequences on stage, recording high-quality drum tracks at home, or in the studio as a midi controller of virtual instruments. Features:- 5 Piece DTX Drum set including 2 Cymbals and Hi-Hat, 3-Zone TCS "Textured Cellular Silicone" Snare Drum Pad, TCS "Textured Cellular Silicone" Tom Pads, "Choke-able" Two 3-Zone Cymbal Pads, Real Hi-Hat stand with moving Hi-Hat pad, Compact RS500 rack, 1,396 Voices, 64 note polyphony, Includes real Yamaha Acoustic Drum samples, 100 MB Wave-ROM, 64 MB Flash-ROM, "USB to DEVICE" to import additional sound samples, "USB to HOST" to play and control VST instruments, Internal performance recorder, Training functions, 12 Trigger Inputs, Aux In. Kit Includes:- DTX700 Trigger Module, RS700 Rack System, Pad Set - XP80, XP70 x 3, KP65, PCY135 x 2, RHH135, HS650A. Note Kick Pedal not included.

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