Tama HP900PWN

Tama HP900PWN

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TAMA HP900PWN Iron Cobra Drum Pedal 3/C

  • Power Glide system
  • The Power Glide features a double-chained offset cam which increases power and speed as the beater reaches the end of the stroke
  • Power Strike Cobra Beater - better performance because the beater strikes exactly perpendicular on drumhead
  • Improved ball bearings from the Cobra Speed series
  • Cobra Coil spring footboard
  • Speedo-Ring spring control
  • Oiles bearing hinge
  • Vari-Pitch beater holder
  • Swivel Spring Tight spring suspension
  • Hinge Guard Block: Heel plate and hinge made of three separate components for improved durability
  • Para Clamp II pro
  • Lite Sprocket chainring for softer feel
  • Includes carry bag

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