Mapex Saturn Evo in Tuscan Red

Mapex Saturn Evo 22 12 16 s/pack in Tuscan Red

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Mapex Saturn Evo 22 12 16 s/pack in Tuscan Red

The new Mapex Saturn Evolution Series offers a virtually unlimited combination of shells, sizes and cross-over finishes. Available as individual components, or as pre-set shell packs, the chamber specific design ensures all drums blend beautifully with ten new finishes perfectly matched on both the Maple/Walnut and Birch/Walnut Hybrid Shells so that the players choice of shell material can be based on sound alone. The toms feature Mapex’s new Halo mounting system, which is a lateral “under lug-line” suspension system which isolates the toms to allow the shell the freedom to breath, delivering a pure, open tone

Finishes on the new Saturn Evolution follow the Sonic Attenuation (SAS) System, first conceived for Mapex’s Black Panther Design Lab series, with four colours rated at SAS-0 (Satin), three at SAS-1 (high gloss), and three at SAS-2 (high gloss over an exotic outer ply).

SAS-0 finishes have no effect on the natural tone of the wood shell, whilst the SAS-1 high gloss lacquers deliver a slightly dryer sound, and shells finished with an SAS-2 exotic outer ply produce the driest tones in the range..


  • Bass Drum: 22 x 16
  • Tom: 12 x 8
  • Floor Tom: 16 x 16
  • 1 x Tom Holders
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 32.00kg

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