AirTurn Duo 500 Dual Bluetooth Wireless Pedal w/ Bluetooth Remote

AirTurn Duo 500 Dual Bluetooth Wireless Pedal w/ Bluetooth Remote

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Featuring silent-tactile switches, the AirTurn DUO 500 is virtually indestructible and designed to outlast any mechanical switch. The versatile, sleek, and simple design is an excellent choice for all types of users. It has become the consumer's Bluetooth pedal of choice due to its high-quality and long-lasting design.

Hundreds of compatible apps for turning pages, teleprompting, reading music, scrolling lyrics and tabs, triggering backing tracks and effects, sending MIDI commands, cueing audio and lighting, capturing photo and video, plus so much more! Seven built-in modes store switch commands that work with hundreds of apps including those supported with AirDirect.

Create commands for almost any app that responds to keystrokes, macros, mouse clicks, or MIDI with the free AirTurn Manager. Adjust features such as Auto-Repeat, Idle Time, Low Power or Fast Response Mode, and Debounce. Select switch types such as Momentary, Latching, Pulse, or Command.

  • Turn pages, read music, scroll lyrics and tabs
  • Control presentation and teleprompter apps
  • Cue audio and effects
  • Capture video, photos, and more!
  • Updates: AirTurn Manager supports Over-the-Air updates to firmware for the latest features
  • Silent-Tactile: Completely silent, gentle switch action, felt under foot
  • Durable: Created from a virtually indestructible polymer blend with non-mechanical switches
  • Max Range: At 200+ feet, AirTurn leads the industry’s operating range
  • Max Battery Life: Rechargeable battery provides 200+ hours of play time
  • Status Indicators: Bluetooth status LED. Low battery status LED
  • Pairing Options: Open and Closed pairing options
  • Multiple Devices: Connect up to eight AirTurn devices to use at the same time for more switch options
  • Flexible Use: Removable receiver to use as a handheld or for use with your favourite hand, bite, or foot switch
  • Compatibility: Works with phones, tablets, and computers that have Bluetooth 4 or higher, and accepts nearly any momentary switch

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