Bosphorus 14" Dark Hi Hats Antique Series Cymbals.

Bosphorus 14" Dark Hi Hats Antique Series Cymbals.

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Bosphorus 14" Dark Hi Hats

The Antique Series 14" Dark Hats from Bosphorus marry the two lathing patterns found on the Traditional Series and the Turk Series. These cymbals offer the brilliance of a classic, lathed cymbal and the dryness of a raw, unlathed cymbal.

The top side of the cymbal features an unlathed bell and a narrow strip of unlathed cymbal approximately half way between the bell and the edge. The bottom side of the cymbal is completely lathed. The rides express themselves with strong definition and ample but controlled overtones. 

The crashes produce a slightly mellowed tone with quick decay. Artists willing to experiment will love the many textures available from the varied playing surfaces.

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