Bosphorus 10" Splash Traditional Series Cymbals.

Bosphorus 10" Splash Traditional Series Cymbals

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Bosphorus Traditional Series 10" Splash

Bosphorus Traditional Series Splashes provide a bright and piercing attack with a very quick decay. 8 inch models have a very high pitch,10 & 11 inch models have progressively lower pitches with more body. Classic Turkish cymbal making at its finest.

Our most diverse family of cymbals, the Traditional Series offers classic Turkish cymbals in a vast array of sizes to match any musical situation. Their sounds range from dark and delicate to bright and penetrating.

Each ride and crash is available in different weight variants. A heavier ride cymbal yields a higher pitch and increased stick articulation, while the lighter weights offer a softer more ‘vowel' type stick sound. Heavier crashes provide more volume with a higher pitch, but take longer for the sound to open up. Chinas, splashes and flats are not offered in multiple weights. Traditional, yet far from ordinary.

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