Bosphorus Gold Series 6" Bell Cymbal with 12cm Cup

Bosphorus Gold Series 6" Bell Cymbal with 12cm Cup

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Bosphorus Gold Series 6" Bell Cymbal with 12cm Cup

The Bosphorus Bell Cymbal or Bell Cup Cymbal is a small, very thick cymbal with little if any taper, used as an effects cymbal on a drum kit.

The sound produced when striking the bell cymbal with a drumstick is a distinctive high-pitched ping sound with a long sustain. Bright, singing musical tone ideal for special accents and effects.


  • Large, deep bell shape.
  • High pitch.
  • Use individually or with other size models to produce complimentary tones that contrast perfectly with each other.
  • Mount regularly or inverted for special tones.

Gold series cymbals have a bright polished finish and are handmade cymbals with a modern sound - Bright, crisp and clean without sounding harsh or brittle.

Gold Series fuses the "old world" warmth of handmade cymbals with the cutting power, projection, and durability needed in contemporary settings. Each Gold Series cymbal is completely hand hammered, then buffed to a brilliant finish. The weights of the rides offer maximum response with plenty of projection. The crashes are explosive and cutting, yet warm and musical. The hats offer a clear powerful chick sound with a bright splash.

Gold Series is an ideal choice when bold and powerful cymbals are required.

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