De Gregorio Mustang Cajon

De Gregorio Mustang Cajon

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DG De Gregorio Mustang Cajon

Mustang is an extremely powerful and precise cajón, thanks to its peculiar sizes which are slightly bigger than the standard.

In fact, the width and depth of the Mustang cajón are bigger than the usual 30×30 cms that most cajons on the market feature.

The depth, in particular, is 34 cms, which not only provides a deep and focused bass tone, but it also makes a much more comfortable seat for the player.

The careful choice of materials and assembly deliver the typical sensitive and crisp response of DG cajons.

Mustang is the cajón for those who seek the very best when it comes to sound and comfort.

  • Size: 32.5 x 34 x 49 cm
  • Body: 9 mm birch
  • Playing surface: 3 mm (5-ply) Finnish birch with rosewood looks
  • 4 Tunable thomann bronze snare strings
  • The “turbo” size of the Cajon gives the instrument two great features: Increased sitting/playing comfort and much more (controlled) bass and sound


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