DW DWCP9000PB Single Pedal

DW DWCP9000PB Single Pedal

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DW DWCP9000PB Single Pedal.

DWCP9000PB - DW 9000 Series Single Pedal. The DW 9000PB Single Pedal offers you incredibly smooth, gravity-defying action. The patented Floating Rotor, rotating swivel spring, and infinitely adjustable cam (turbo to accelerator) align to create the balance of power and precision that suits you best. DW includes a deluxe Cordura bag with the 9000PB pedal. To create incredibly smooth, gravity-defying action, the DW 9000PB Single Pedal has a Floating Rotor that's not permanently affixed on a conventional drive shaft but is mounted on a free-floating drive shaft using friction-reducing ball bearings. In addition, the patented rotor can be adjusted using the Infinite Torque Adjustment for a variety of positions from center (Turbo-style) to eccentric (Accelerator-style), achieving the desired balance of power and precision in any playing situation.

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