DW DWCP9300AL Snare Stand with Air Lift

DW DWCP9300AL Snare Stand with Air Lift

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DWCP9300AL - DW 9000 Series 9300 Snare Stand with Air Lift. 

For quick and effortless positioning of your snare, look no further than the DW 9000 Air Lift series. 

This DWCP9300AL Snare Stand is one of the only stands on the market designed with double pedal set-ups in mind. The offset basket allows optimal snare positioning while remaining balanced, and the basket is easily removable for easy transport and switching between snares. 

The added snare positioning flexibility that the offset basket provides really allows a cleaner footprint, especially for complex setups. The biggest appeal in this series of hardware is DW's new Air Lift technology. 

Thanks to the pneumatic shock, your drum floats on a cushion of air and is ready for easy and exact adjustments at any time. Once you've tried Air Lift hardware, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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