DW DWSM912 1/2 x 18 Boom Cymbal Arm

DW DWSM912 1/2 x 18 Boom Cymbal Arm

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DW DWSM912 1/2 x 18 Boom Cymbal Arm.

Mount your cymbals where you want with the DW DWSM912.

This 1/2" x 18" boom cymbal arm fits into a boom tilter, DogBone or Mega Clamp eye bolt. The DWSM912 includes a memory lock to ensure perfect setup every time. Includes the boom arm and a cymbal tilter. 

For over 30 years, DW Drums has made some of the most revered drums, pedals, stands, and other drum hardware out there. It all began with an innovative adjustable trap-case seat. 

Not only was this the first of DW's many breakthrough hardware designs, but it showed the world that they really understand what drumming's all about. On top of that, DW Drums' craftsmanship has more than set the bar for drum makers everywhere. Discover this commitment to quality for yourself in every DW drum and piece of DW hardware you buy.

DW DWSM912 Boom Cymbal Arm Features:

  • 18" boom arm allows flexible mounting options Includes DW cymbal tilter Memory lock for consistent setup
  • The DW DWSM912 gives you a secure way to mount your cymbals!

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