Ef-Note PRO Sound Module
Ef-Note PRO Sound Module
Ef-Note PRO Sound Module
Ef-Note PRO Sound Module
Ef-Note PRO Sound Module
Ef-Note PRO Sound Module
Ef-Note PRO Sound Module
Ef-Note PRO Sound Module

EFNOTE PRO Sound Module (Base + Control + Accessories)

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EFNOTE PRO Sound Module (Base + Control + Accessories)

EFNOTE PRO is designed to digitise your drum riser, then elevates your stage.

By simply connecting up to 12-ch XLR outputs to your stage snake or sound-board, you will be receiving the highest quality drum sounds on the market with absolute consistency and perfect isolation. EFNOTE PRO has eliminated the need to change mics or mic placement, tuning, head replacement and maintenance at every show. Just assign its 12-ch balanced outputs, using stereo or mono sends, such as kick, snare, toms, cymbals, click and external sampling pad. Each channel is equipped with HPF, 2-band EQ, compressor (Bus 1-6) and ground lift switches.

EFNOTE PRO supports 7 shells and 8 cymbals, and all pads are individually wired, so players can adapt to any musical environment. All sound settings can be quickly saved and loaded, for multiple players and set-lists at any time. With a full 12-ch of multitrack USB Audio and 16-ch USB MIDI simultaneously, allowing a drummer, producer or mixer access to quick editing, in order to meet artist’s budget requirements.

Innovative Two-Piece Design

  • The two-piece sound module provides both operability and expandability required by professionals
  • Low-profile and compact control surface with touch-screen full-color LCD
  • Floor-standing base unit with robust enclosure and reliable cable connections
  • A foot light is equipped on the bottom of the surface controller to help setting up. It can be turned on and off as needed.


  • The delicate resonance of aged shells are newly captured, recorded by EFNOTE
  • Raw and organic, NOT synthetic and electronic
  • Includes maple, birch, acrylic, steel, aluminum, brass, titanium shells, even a towel-muted sound
  • Diverse Cymbal Collection
  • Our mint selection, from bright and crisp modern sounds to dark and soft vintage sounds
  • Contains modern trash/effect/stacked cymbal sounds
  • Instrument Expansion
  • New sounds (drum sounds only) will be published on the Inst Library web page and will be loadable
  • High-Powered Headphone Amp
  • 1x 1/4" jack + 1x 1/8" jack for headphones (can be used simultaneously)
  • Dedicated 2x headphone amp circuit for enough loudness
  • High quality DAC and audio circuit

For more details and specifications please visit the manufacturer website - https://ef-note.com/products/drums/EFNOTEPRO/efnotepro.html 

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