Evans UV2 Coated Drumhead 8 Inch

Evans UV2 Coated Drumhead 8 Inch

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Evans UV2 Coated Drumhead 8 Inch

UV2 drumheads feature Evans’ patented UV-cured coating technology over two plies of reinforced 7mil film.

Extensively tested with some of the heaviest of hitters, these heads set a new standard for durability in one of the most tried and true two ply forms.

They make for a versatile snare head or a warm, focused tom head with lots of attack.

UV2 is rated to withstand the physical abuse of even the heaviest hitters, its potent UV defenses eliminate premature chipping and flaking. The impact assembly boasts two 7mil plies of heavy-duty film, strengthened using our proprietary ultraviolet coating.

UV2’s surface provides superior impact resistance and tonal integrity—for the whole of its unprecedented life span.

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