Evans dB ONE 14" Mesh Snare Drumhead

Evans dB ONE 14" Mesh Snare Drumhead

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Evans dB ONE - Reduced Volume Heads & Cymbals 

Utilising unique, 2-ply construction which combines a top layer of Evans ShockWeave Mesh with all-new Snare Sim Technology, the dB One snare head transfers impact energy into sonic vibrations which mimic the crack and buzz of snare wire, while still maintaining a low volume. Evans dB One mesh snare head allows you to add or remove standard snare wire to alter the snare response to your liking. For quieter drumming, remove snare wires to eliminate sympathetic snare buzz. The resonant head can also be tuned within a wide range of snare body tones, giving you sound control while allowing you to practice quietly, whenever and wherever you want.


  • Advanced 2-ply construction combines a top layer of Evans ShockWeave Mesh with new Snare Sim Technology, to mimic the sound of traditional snare wire

  • dB One mesh snare heads allow you to use your snare wire for increased snare response, or turn it off for optimal, low volume playing, with no sympathetic snare buzz.

  • Evans dB One snare drumheads maintain true acoustic drum tone, with a natural feel.

  • Our mesh drumheads allow you to play as you normally would with a traditional drumhead, without changing your technique, and achieve a similar feel and sonic response.

  • All Evans drumheads are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

80% Reduced Volume
Multiple technologies converge to create an 80% reduction in volume while still remaining faithful to the kit’s full-volume tone. Experience authentic feel with ShockWeave mesh, KTF (Kinetic Transfer Foam), and the Impact Patch striking surface, while the SnareSim treatment tackles the buzz, crack, and excitement of an acoustic snare.

True Snare Sound. No Wires Attached.
SnareSimTM technology recreates the touch, tone, and bounce of a perfectly set snare wire without any wires present for a tactile and dynamic snare experience at modest, conversational levels.

Treatment: Uncoated
Ply: 2
Technology: Standard

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