Yamaha FP9D Single Foot Pedal

Yamaha FP9D Single Foot Pedal

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Yamaha FP9D Single Foot Pedal

The Yamaha FP9D is a direct-drive, single kick-drum pedal. Designed for pro stage and studio use, the pedal sports a direct-drive design to bolster power, control, and kick response.

Its cam can be switched into three different positions, allowing you to fine tune the pedal's performance for your desired predilections.

  • Quick Adjusting Link
  • Axle Stabilising Bearing Chamber
  • Low Profile Stabilising Hinge
  • Easy Access Auto Lock Spring Adjustment
  • Weight Adjustable Beater
  • Independent Beater/Footboard Angle Adjustment
  • Ball Bearing Drive Connection
  • Anti-Skid Heel Spikes
  • Carrying Case

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