Gibraltar 9813DP Tripod Tom Stand

Gibraltar 9813DP Low Rise Double Tom Stand

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Revolutionise your drum set-up with our versatile and space-efficient hardware, designed to mount rack or floor toms alongside cymbals easily.

This innovative solution significantly reduces the need for extra stands, helping you optimise your performance area. Constructed for stability, our product features a low-profile 15-inch tripod base, creating a rock-solid foundation when mounting heavy toms and cymbals. The adaptable tom/cymbal mount platform can be adjusted from 18 to 32 inches, allowing you to tailor your setup to your personal playing height. Cast adjustment points with memory locks ensure that once you've found your perfect position, it's locked in for consistent performance. Furthermore, the Dual L-rod mount is designed to accept a range of ball L-rods: 9.5mm (SC-LBS), 10.5mm (SC-LBM), 12.7mm (SC-LBL), Hex (SC-HBL) ball L-rods and SC-BJEA Ball Extension Arm, providing compatibility with a broad range of equipment.

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