Gibraltar GCP Strap Drive Cajon Pedal

Gibraltar GCP Strap Drive Cajon Pedal

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Gibraltar GCP Strap Drive Cajon Pedal.

Gibraltar Strap Drive Cajon Pedal with mount - Gibraltar’s Cajon pedal turns your cajon into an acoustic bass drum. It’s great for lower volume playing situations where a standard drum set bass drum is too loud. This pedal is perfect for drum set players; it allows you to play traditionally with your foot righty or lefty opening more options for the drummer.

Package includes:
  • Cajon primary pedal with cable mounted slave pedal equipped with softy cajon beater
  • Cajon pedal C-clamp mount
Cajon Pedal Features:
  • Primary cable pedal allows for comfortable placement while keeping the cable out of the way
  • Spring adjustments on both primary and slave pedal keeps action and cable tension tight
  • Cam arms can be adjusted to customize the pedals feel
  • Pedal mount placement adjustment allows placing beater at various areas of the cajon for different tones and to make room for beater and hand simultaneous play

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