Ludwig Atlas Tom Mount - 3 Pack

Ludwig Atlas Tom Mount - 3 Pack

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Ludwig Atlas Tom Mount - 3 Pack

Engineered to maximise placement efficiency in the drum set, the Atlas Parts and Accessories Index is the world’s first complete assortment of road-worthy mounting tools that actually enhance sonic output from each drum. Using the drums as the base for mounting additional items around the kit, Atlas Accessories allow for unparalleled placement and positioning while reducing the number of needed stands in the set-up. By isolating hardware contact from the shell with the revolutionary A.T.L.A.S. mount, each component is free to respond independently for unrivalled tonal impact. Expanding your playing field has never been easier!

The A.T.L.A.S. (or Aerial Tom Lug Attached Suspension) Mount creates a mounting location anywhere on a drum, NO DRILLING REQUIRED. It simply attaches to the shell by replacing a lug (fits 25mm to 43mm holes spacing- including Ludwig Small & Large Classic, and Keystone Lugs).

Ludwig Atlas Tom Mount - 3 Pack

The 12.7mm clamp on the A.T.L.A.S. Mount is isolated from shell contact by two hardened steel pins, floating on elastomer mounts over the integrated tension lug. Atlas Mounts are meant to hold modern Ludwig hardware - 12.7mm rods - but each mount comes with 9.5mm and 10.5mm adapters to fit nearly any kind of hardware out there.

Unlike traditional isolation systems that mount the drum around the tension rods, the A.T.L.A.S. mount effectively separates the isolation system from the drum; allowing the drum to resonate as an independent unit. The result is a smoother decay, longer sustain, and increased resonance.

Auxiliary cymbal arms, accessories, and floor tom legs are positioned with ease and totally isolated from the shell. Enlarge your set-up by integrating the A.T.L.A.S. mount with additional Atlas Tom and Cymbal holders.

Taking drum placement and tone to new heights of innovation, Ludwig's Atlas Mount Bracket is a self-contained, suspension system that combines a mounting bracket with a tension lug; adding isolated mounting where you need it.


  • Ludwig Atlas Mount Bracket 3-Pack
  • (ATLAS) Aerial Tom Lug Attachment Suspension Mount
  • The onyl integrated lug suspension system and mounting bracket
  • Isolated Positioning
  • No Drilling Required

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