Roland MDS-STAGE 2 Drum Rack

Roland MDS-STAGE 2 Drum Rack

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MDS-STAGE 2 Drum Rack (TD50KV2) (TD50KV2)

From home to studio to stage, the MDS-Stage 2 delivers top-of-the-line performance for Roland’s flagship TD-50KV2 and other V-Drums kits. Featuring a rugged chrome finish that perfectly complements the TD-50KV2’s reflective shell finishes, this handsome rack stand offers rock-solid stability with high-grip rubber feet and durable, all-metal clamps. Connection cables are routed internally for clean and fast set up, and the pad/cymbal arms have wide adjustment range for maximum flexibility. And if you want to go big with a KD-220 or KD-222 bass drum or a 22-inch acoustic kick outfitted with the KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter, there’s ample clearance under the central horizontal bar.

  • Compact and stable V-Drums rack stand with high-grip rubber feet
  • Easy adjustment with reliable metal ball-joint clamps
  • Chrome-finish design to match drum hardware and V-Drums
  • Flexible set up with highly adjustable tom holders and cymbal arms
  • Trigger cables flow inside the stand for neat cable management
  • Compatible with Roland’s KD-220 and KD-222 Bass Drum or a 22-inch acoustic kick outfitted with the KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter

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