Mono Cymbal Case 24", Black — M80-CY24-BLK

Mono Cymbal Case 24", Black — M80-CY24-BLK

Product Code: M80-CY24-BLK

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Mono Cymbal Case 24", Black — M80-CY24-BLK

The popular Cymbal Case is now available in 24" diameter. The Cymbal Case is equal parts performance, protection, comfort and style. Your cymbals can make or break your sound, so take your sound with you to every gig. Wear it backpack style for those long urban treks, or tuck the straps for an airport-friendly profile. Super durable yet super light. Go Play.™


THE BOOT™ There's nothing worse than that sound - you know, the sound you hear when you set your cymbal bag down a little too hard on the concrete. Yeah. No more. The Cymbal Case features The Boot™ - a contoured ABS panel that keeps all of your cymbals centered and resting above the thick base padding.

RADIUS PIPING & LUXURIOUS DIVIDERS All our cases feature a hard-wearing sole and piping made of Hypalon - the same industrial rubber used to create inflatable military rafts. This means the Cymbal Case won't wear through around the edges as most cymbal bags do.

Inside the Cymbal Case, 5 discrete, padded slots keep your cymbals protected on the go. The high dividers cover each cymbal right up to the rim.


CLUTCH POCKET Hi-hat is a key ingredient in your music, and the clutch is the key ingredient for your hi-hats. That's why we added a dedicated clutch sleeve inside the hi-hat pocket. There's also a drum key clip there for safe keeping.

SPLASH ZONE & CLIP/TUCK SHOULDER STRAPS Dedicated pockets for hi-hats (up to 15") and splash cymbals (up to 10") keep those smaller cymbals safely separated.

A fully loaded cymbal case can get way too heavy. In the design process, we discovered that our backpack system with chest clip did wonders to distribute the weight of all those cymbals. Unclip the shoulder strap to quickly stash them when you want them out of the way.


LIKE A GLOVE The Cymbal Case safely holds an arsenal of cymbals, broken down as follows:

  • Main compartment - 5 individually padded slots with a 24" max diameter
  • Hi-hats pocket - 15" max diameter
  • Splash pocket - 10" max diameter
  • Weight: 5.73 lbs

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