Paiste 20in 2002 Big Beat

Paiste 20in 2002 Big Beat

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Paiste 20in 2002 Big Beat - Visually, the black big beat cymbals feature a distinctly new hammering pattern for the 2002 family, a slightly darkened, semi-matted finish and simplified black logos to distinguish the Big Beat set. 

In terms of sound, the cymbals are rooted in the world of 2002 Alloy, with its celebrated brilliance, clarity, precision and strength. Big Beat models add particular warmth, depth and complexity to the mix. 

They are perfect for broad, voluminous sound without being overly aggressive. The individual cymbals are designed to be multifunctional and work well across the range as both crashes and rides. Despite their sizes, the cymbals feature excellent manageability and well controllable decay. 

Warm luscious crashes, an airy, defined ping over a wide multi-layered wash, and broad, musical bells are the hallmarks of the Big Beat singles.

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