Pearl HEP1450 Hybrid Exotic 14 x 5  VectorCast Snare

Pearl HEP1450 Hybrid Exotic 14" x 5" VectorCast Snare

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Pearl Hybrid Exotic 14" x 5" VectorCast Snare. 

To capture sonic perfection for true professional, Pearl’s latest experiments with different material combinations have yielded new tonal frontiers in our new Hybrid Exotic Series snare drums.

The purest representation of Pearl’s finest craftsmanship, Hybrid Exotic shell choices include spun-composite VectorCast™, dual-step seamless Cast Aluminum, and cross-laminated Kapur and Fiberglass, for the ultimate in power and prestige.

A single tiny strand can make all the difference in the world. Beginning with a composite material filament and resin thread, Pearl’s VectorCast shell is formed around a mandrel in an X-pattern; creating a thin, high-strength shell that “flexes” with each strike. Its characteristic sound is both lively and fat, and is a vast departure from other synthetics like Acrylic or Carbon Fiber.

Each Hybrid Exotic drum is 14” in width, and is offered in both a 5” and 6.5” depth, as well as a 8” depth with a Kapur/Fiberglass shell. All Hybrid Exotic Snare Drums are equipped with Pearl’s acclaimed SuperHoop II hoops, STL100 lugs, SR1000 strainer, Coated Ambassador batter head, and Spin-Tight Tension Rods. To maintain tuning tension across the batter head, all Hybrid Exotic snare drums feature Pearl’s new Spin-Tight Tension Rods.

This elegantly simple innovation creates a tension rod-within-a-tension rod, that allows the rod to expand and lock into place within the swivel nut. Utilising a special drum key, tunings can be controlled under high-impact play like never before. (Patent Pending)
  • VectorCast Shell
  • Superhoop II hoops
  • 10 Lug
  • STL-100 Lugs
  • 10 x SPT-5047 Spin-Tight Tension rods (top)
  • 10x SST-5047 Tension rods (bottom)
  • SR-1000 Glide-Lock Snare strainer
  • SN-1420C Ultra Sound C- type Snares

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