Roc N Soc Round Manual Spindle - Red

Roc N Soc Round Manual Spindle - Red

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Roc N Soc Round Manual Spindle - Red

Drumming is a sport. Think like an athlete! When you are performing, you need (ideally) to have the best fit for you. Comfort is extremely important.

We are not talking ‘melt into the sofa’ type comfort, we are talking support, durability, & dynamics.

A Roc N Soc is a true investment in yourself. When sitting for long periods, you don’t want to feel like you are sitting on concrete, or sitting on a bean bag, & coming off the kit with lower back fatigue, or worse, pain. 

Roc N Soc strikes the right balance of comfort & support, providing you with an amazing performance, that can inspire you to amazing performance.

Industry Standard

Originator and developer of “Seating for Musicians” with numerous industry firsts and advancements. Since 1990, Roc-n-Soc has set the standard for quality, and delivery of excellent products.

Musician Exclusive 

They are a ‘Throne Only’ seat manufacturer for musicians, with in-house engineering, manufacturing, and service.

Ergonomic Focus

Saddle seats, shocks and rockers reduce fatigue on lower back and legs with a focus on support, stability and comfort. Roc N Soc were building ergonomics into their seating long before industries moved in that direction.

Quality Seating

Seats, bases and hardware are built using the best materials in the world. Multiple sets of eyes check and re-check every step in the manufacturing process.

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