Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Smart Music Watch w/ dB Meter, Metronome & Tuner

Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Smart Music Watch w/ dB Meter, Metronome & Tuner

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Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Smart Music Watch w/ dB Meter, Metronome & Tuner

Smart, wearable and powered by vibrations, the Soundbrenner Core is a watch designed for musicians! Featuring a vibrating metronome, contact tuner, decibel meter and a 3+ battery life, it's intelligently designed to offer you a range a of functions suitable to a number of musical applications.

The silent, vibrating metronome is powered by a 7G ERM Motor, with vibrations 7x stronger that the average smartphone. Now you can finally free yourself from distracting audio clicks. Simple and intuitive controls allow you to set your BPM, time sigantures, subdivisions, accents and vibrations directly on the Core. Start or stop by two easy taps. Seamlessly connect to the world-renowned metronome app, The Metronome by Soundbrenner. Load your setlists, change songs and connect with your band.

The Extra Body Strap allows you to wear the unit anywhere. Wear it on your chest, thigh or wherever you prefer to feel the vibrations in the most precise way possible. Connect up to 5 devices and play tighter together than ever before. NFC/Bluetooth options available.

In a twist, the Core transforms into a magnetic contact tuner, giving you the highest levels of accuracy. Tune your instrument of choice (guitar, bass and violin w/ ukulele coming in 2020) by attaching the Core either to the included tuner mount or your instrument's tuning pegs. Twist, attach and tune - it's that simple. The OLED display and the 8 sector LED Ring will guide you to the right note. Locked in with two neodymium magnets, a simple twist of the Soundbrenner Core releases it from the base. The neodymium magnets were selected for their incredibly powerful hold so you can be sure that the Core stays put.

As a musician, you need to protect your ears. From festivals and gigs to jam sessions and rehearsals, Soundbrenner Core monitors your surrounding sound levels and alerts you when it gets too loud. The decibel meter allows you to check the sound levels around you, in real-time, so you can take action and protect your ears. If you're exposed to high dB levels, the Core can send you a warning to keep you aware.

The Core is the world’s first watch made for musicians. Crafted with quality, durability, and style in mind, the Core is your watch for everyday use, while keeping your music tools close by. Core will give you 3+ days of battery life, on a single charge with 30 minutes of practicing every day with the vibration metronome. You can also receive smartphone push notifications directly on the Soundbrenner Core, as well as accept/decline calls with the push of a button. Finally, the Core has all the regualar operations of a watch! Time, date, stopwatch and timer functions are all built in.

  • Timepiece designed for musicians by musicians
  • Water and dust resistant (IP65 rating)
  • Built-in vibrating metronome
  • Multifunction capability - set BPM, subdivisions and accents
  • Vibrations are 7x stronger than average smartphone
  • Sync up to 5 devices with bandmates
  • Remove face from band to use as magnetic contact tuner
  • OLED display
  • Decibel meter with dB warning function
  • 3+ days of battery life
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Accept/Decline calls
  • Time and date, stopwatch and timer
  • Companion app to control, customise and create/save setlists
  • Connect to DAW using Ableton Link or MIDI

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