Tama PB90F Felt Speed Cobra Bass Beater

Tama PB90F Felt Speed Cobra Bass Beater

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The Tama PB90F Bass Drum Beater is a bass drum beater for Speed Cobra pedals featuring an adjustable beater head and metal handle. The PB90F Felt Speed Cobra bass beater is designed for the Speed Cobra range of pedals, and helps to deliver more sound projection and rich resonance to your bass drum. The head has a convex shape that focuses the power generated by the beater stroke's action to a smaller surface area. This produces a more focused attack and punchy sonic penetration. You can rotate the beater head for a larger surface contact and achieve a fatter sound with extremely powerful volume.

The main features of the Tama PB90F Bass Drum Beater include:

  • Head: Felt
  • Handle: Metal
  • Adjustable Beater Head
  • For: Speed Cobra Pedals

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