TAMA PR42S-VBL Starclassic Performer BB Vintage Blue Sparkle

TAMA PR42S-VBL Starclassic Performer BB Vintage Blue Sparkle

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Tama PR42S-VBL Starclassic Performer BB Vintage Blue Sparkle

After more than thirty years of building drum kits with birch, Tama decided to combine it with a different type of wood. In their Starclassic Performer BB series, they combined it with Bubinga to preserve the birch's powerful attack while adding the bubinga's warm lower frequencies. The kit consists of a 22 x 18-inch bass drum, a 12 x 8-inch tom and a 16 x 14-inch floor tom that feature a Vintage Blue Sparkle Duracover wrap.


The 6mm-thick tom and floor tom shells are made of three inner plies of bubinga wrapped in four outer plies of birch, while the bass drum has five plies of birch, making it 8 mm thick. The toms are mounted to the MTH1000 double tom holder, which features two ball joints so that you can easily mount your toms at the desired angle. Furthermore, the StarCast tom mounting system suspends the toms from the hoops instead of the shells, to prevent any loss of tone. In the floor toms tone loss is prevented by Air Cushioned legs, which feature a special air chamber to prevent the vibrations from disappearing into the ground.

Chrome-plated shell hardware

The wooden bass drum hoops are held in place by Tama's well-known claw hooks, which are lined with rubber to protect the hoops and keep the claws from rattling if you tune your bass drum very loosely. The toms and floor tom, however, feature die-cast hoops which have no structural weak spots and distribute the tension on the included Evans drumheads equally. Finally, all the hardware on these shells has a shiny chrome finish.

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