Tama Powerpad TSB24 designer stick bag

Tama Powerpad TSB24 designer stick bag

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The Powerpad TSB24 designer stick bag offers five colour options accented with suede materials. It can store up to 12 pairs of drum sticks and mallets. It also features length-adjustable hooks thus allowing you to attach the bag to the floor tom.

Also included are inner pockets for small drum accessories, and a shoulder strap for portability.

  • Wine Red
  • Stores about 12 pairs of sticks
  • Main pockets for 12 pairs of sticks, and side pockets for accessories
  • Built-in hooks easily attach to floor tom
  • Shoulder strap for portability
  • Convenient inner pockets
  • Size: 460mm x 180mm
  • Side Pocket: 260mm x 160mm

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