Total Percussion SRC18 18 Inch Crash Sound Reduction Cymbal

Total-Percussion, SRC18, 18-Inch, Crash-Sound-Reduction-Cymbal

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Total Percussion SRC18 18 Inch Crash Sound Reduction Cymbal

TOTAL PERCUSSION SRC (Sound Reduction Cymbals) have been designed and created specifically for low volume sessions and quiet practice 24/7. Featuring special Stainless Steel Alloy, each cymbal is designed to respond, feel and sustain like a traditional cymbals – right down to their clearly defined bell.

No need for drummers to change the way they play...their true-to-life response and sustain, and clear, natural-sounding bell means drummers won’t have to hit and play harder than they do during performances. Add a set of Remo silent stroke or Evans sound off drum heads to your kit and you have an instant quiet practice kit with all the right feel and response, making your neighbours and house members very happy. Perfect for greatly reducing sonic footprint during practice sessions, drum lessons or smaller gigs where overall volume could be an issue. Total Percussion SRC Cymbals are manufactured from a tough, durable alloy, making them the most affordable and best choice in low-volume cymbals.

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