Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 14x6 inch Snare - Red Autumn

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 14x6" Snare - Red Autumn

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Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 14x6" Snare - Red AutumnYamaha AMS1460.

The Absolute Hybrid Series from Yamaha inherits the hybrid shell technology found on the flagship PHX Series. On Absolute Hybrid shells, the design consists of a core ply of wenge a very hard and heavy wood native to Africa, sandwiched between plies of maple, well known for its clear tone. This hybrid design delivers a drum tone that plays rich and clear across the full dynamic range, from pianissimo to fortissimo. A 45º/R1.5 edge is used on this snare for a balanced tone.

Hook lugs offer quick and easy head replacement, precision tuning, and can readily handle high-tension tuning. Lug bases are designed with a small footprint to maximize tone output from the hybrid shell. Aluminum die-cast hoops deliver a strong tight sound with an extraordinary attack and decay.

  • Dimensions
  • Depth: 6"
  • Diameter: 14"
  • Hoop
  • Model: Die-cast
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Thickness: 3.0mm
  • Lugs
  • Type: Hook Lug
  • Shells
  • Thickness: 6.2mm
  • Material: Maple-Wenge-Maple Hybrid
  • Head
  • Top: Remo Coated Ambassador
  • Bottom: Remo Snare Ambassador

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